What is Meditation?

Your thinking mind is like a barrier preventing you from accessing the Universal Conciousness.

Meditation is the practice of training mental attention.

This awakens us to the true nature of reality and allows us to access our higher self to create a more fullfilling, enlightened life.

Why Meditate?

When you learn to control your chattering mind and focus your attention, the BARRIER keeping you seperated not only from your higher self but also the LOVE, intelligence and wisdom of the Universal Intelligenceevaporates.

Meditating is not just for monks sitting in a dark cave on a mountainside in Tibet, it’s for anyone who wants to reach their full potential, faster.

It’s THE way to to tap into your creative and healing superpowers.

Meditating can…

…develop your intuition and hone your insight.

…make you smarter.

…improve your health, a GREAT DEAL.

…balance your emotions.

…improve your appearance, make you look younger.

…increase your empathy.

…connect you to a greater intelligence.

…inspire you.

…relax you.

…ground you.

…Motivate you to greater achievement.

…make you feel good great.

When you learn through practice to harness your chattering mind and focus your attention on the Now, you connect to a source of power that has the potential to enrich your life in numerous ways.

What Makes Michael's Meditations Different?

There are literally tens of thousands of guided meditations online but you’d be hard pressed to find any like these.

I’ve been researching health, New Thought and the metaphysical for nearly 30 years and have collected a huge volume of information on these subjects along the way.

My original plan was to produce to-the-point audios based on my knowledge of these subjects that would teach the listener something valuable in a short time which I define here as 10 minutes or less.

It was when I was researching which type of music to use in the audios that the idea of putting the listener into a meditative state so they retain more of the information hit me.

Little pieces of wisdom and inspiration wrapped in relaxing, meditative music.

If you want to find guided meditations to help you sleep or clear your chakras, there are plenty of those online, mostly all the same.

If you want to relax and learn something in a short amount of time, that’s what my meditations do.

Because inspiring, motivational music can induce a heightened meditative state, you’ll find that type of meditation here as well.

I call these audios “motitations” which is a term I coined for motivational meditations.

Motitations don’t lower your brainwaves so they can be used anytime.

What is Thought Force?

The mind is a thought generating machine.

It looooves to think.

Just try and stop thinking for a few minutes.

Just try and stop thinking for 20 seconds.

It’s not easy unless you’ve been practicing meditation, for a long time.

The mind is the only tool we where given on this earthly journey to create with.

Everything created by humankind is born from imagination and carried out with thought.

The thing is, not all thoughts are the same.

Most of the thousands upon thousand of thoughts we think each day are unfocused, random and lack any real power.

The force behind a thought will determine the effect that thought has on the Field.

The thought, Cause, and the effect, whatever the result is.

People with fewer, focused thoughts produce thoughts with more force and thus accomplish more.

Things like your health, Will, determination, passion and your own Life Force combined with the degree of focus involved all affect the amount of force a thought will have.

The easiest way to increase your thought force is to have something to live for, a purpose, a mission or just a direction to go.

What is Thought Code?

In the same way computer code instructs a computer, thought code instructs a human.

Using this analogy makes it easy to understand our programming and easy to change it.

Your mind is a thinking machine.

That’s what it loves to do.

You think thousands and thousands of thoughts every day and these thoughts are designing your life along the way.

A group of connected thoughts could be thought of as a program.

The programs that run your life.

You have thought programs for everything you’ve ever experienced stored in a vast filing system within your mind.

For example.

We all have a file on dogs.

Inside this file are programs that tell us everything we know about dogs.

Like a computer program that’s built with code, individual bits of information and instruction that describe dogs to us are strung together to form the program that instructs us what to think, feel and how to react when we encounter a dog.

These tiny pieces of information and/or instructions combine to make programs.

The programs that run our lives.

I call these little bits of information thought code.

Let’s say you encounter a pit bull walking down the street.

Here’s a thought program constructed with thought codes…

Large pit bull > brown and white > aggressive breed > one bit Tonya last year > one killed a toddler in Miami a long time ago > RUN!

When you see a pit bull, you don’t consciously think all those things your program just kicks in and you run.

Programs also conjure emotions not just actions.

Now, let’s take another person with a completely different dog file on pit bulls.

Large pit bull > brown and white > owners are the problem, not the dogs > loyal > Uncle John’s pit bull Spartacus is so cool > Come here doggy!

Same big, brown and white dog with two completely different reactions based on the programming of each individual.

Every experience we’ve ever had and every thing we’ve ever encountered has a file full of these programs that we refer to for guidance on how to think, feel and act about everything we encounter every moment of each day or our life.

The thing is, often our programs are built with faulty code which keeps us back from reaching our full potential.

A thought code can be one word > brown > a sentence > Uncle John’s pit bull Spartacus is so cool > a paragraph or even pages long.

It’s simply information whether a single word or a larger concept that influences the outcome of the program it’s contained within.

You can change your life for the better by replacing old, dis-empowering thought code or by simply adding new code into the programs that go on to design your life.

What is the Mind Matrix?

The Mind Matrix is very expensive, very well researched mechanism operated by the Machine aka the ruling elite designed to keep you connected to and under the influence of their propaganda.

The Machine is so effective today at distributing programming (propaganda) over the Mind Matrix that there is practically no one left that is not under it’s influence.

I use terms like “machine” and “matrix” from the movie with the same name because the parallels between it and real life are frightening.

The good news is that, no, we are not living in pods in a dystopian future being used as human batteries to power a society of machines that farm, use and then dispose of us at their will.

The bad news is that we are mentally chained in this dystopian present with very powerful thought programs to a metaphysical machine of human construct that farms us, exploits our productivity and disposes of us at will.

It’s pretty much an accepted fact that everything is connected at the fundamental level of energy.

But while everyone and everything is connected, it takes a conscience connection to open the doors to influence.

Once you give your attention to something or someone, you are susceptible to being influenced by it or them.

Social media influencers are called that because they influence the thoughts and actions of their followers.

Growing up, your parents and teachers probably had a great influence on you and may be in part responsible for who you are today.

Just like you may be influenced by your peers, you also influence them.

This is a normal part of being human and it occurs at the mental level and affects us at the mental as well as the physical level.

The influence you receive throughout your life has a great impact on how you see the world regardless of the legitimacy of the influence.

People in power have known this for a long time and have created a mechanism designed to “reach out and touch you,” grab your attention and continuously influence you with ideas that are beneficial to the people in power.

Imagine this Mind Matrix as a giant octopus with an unlimited number of arms.

In the body of this octopus sits a newscaster whose shocking headline travels down one arm of the octopus and grabs your attention.

You now have a mental connection with the Mind Matrix and it will proceed to keep you connected with that story or any other number of the countless propaganda messages it’s constantly sending out.

Today many of us have multiple mental connections through the Mind Matrix to the propaganda messages of the machine all designed to influence us so that we see the world how the owners of the Machine want us to see it.

Remember that propaganda is the intentional influencing of thoughts and thus actions done in a way that those influenced have no idea it’s happening to them.

I use the example of a newscaster because many of the arms of our dystopian octopus are occupied by the media doing the work of the Machine.

To be continued…