Category: Relaxation Meditation
Length: 20:00 Minutes
Michael Ingraham
Music: Theta Range w/ Binaural Beats
Michael Ingraham

Expansion is a variation of the Between Breaths Meditation that focuses on expanding our consciousness out into the Pause rather than going deep into it.

How To Use

1) This meditation is designed to put you into a deep state of relaxation while at the same time honing your visualization skills. DO NOT use while driving, operating equipment, etc.

2) The more you practice Expansion and the better you get at visualization, the more profound your experience will be inside the pause between your breaths.

3) It’s recommended that you lie down and make yourself as comfortable as possible for this relaxation meditation.

4) Headphones are REQUIRED for this meditation.


by Michael's Meditations | Relaxation Meditation


Script is not exactly the same as the meditation.

Welcome Beautiful Soul.

I’m grateful to have you along as we explore the pause between our breaths.

On our first journey into the pause we practiced floating deeper into it…

This time we are going to fill it with our consciousness.

Find a safe, comfortable place to lie down and get ready to go deep into a state of rejuvenating relaxation.

Go ahead and close your eyes…relax and focus on my voice…

Feeling relaxed and calm.

Give yourself permission to release all your worries…

….all your tension………leaving your body….

Release all the tension in your legs…

Release all the tension in your arms…

And especially, release all the tension in your neck…

Feeling relaxed and calm…

Take a breath in through your nose……

…and out through your mouth…

Again, in….

…aaaaaand out… releasing all the tension…

NOTICE the air as it comes in through your nose…out through your mouth…

Notice how heavy your body feels….how peaceful…how relaxed…

How GOOD it feels.

Spend a few moments now just allowing yourself to relax…

5 minutes –

Now let’s go into the pause between our breaths…

On one of your upcoming out breaths, as the last bit of air leaves your body don’t breathe in ……just pause your breath and experience this place for a few MOMENTS.

Don’t hold your breath, when you feel the urge, take a nice, slow breath in…

And on the next exhale, do the same thing….just experiencing the pause between your breaths.

Now, on an upcoming exhale, as soon as you pause your breath, IMAGINE yourself, the I Am, releasing and expanding out into this pause….becoming one with the Universal Consciousness.

At the end of each exhale ALLOW yourself to expand out further into the pause…




Pause your breath only as long as it’s comfortable and then on your next exhale ALLOW your consciousness further into the pause.

Keep going and I’ll rejoin you a little later.

See how far you can go….

15 minutes pass

Time to come back traveler.

I’m going to count backwards from 5

5 – NOTICE how great your body feels

4 – NOTICE how relaxed you feel

3 – Feeling more awake

2 – Feeling refreshed

1 – Feeling great

Welcome back traveler.

I hope you had an amazing experience.

Remember, with Patience and a little practice, experiencing the Pause will become easier and more rewarding.

Thank you for coming along with me on our journey I hope we can travel together again soon.

Wishing you love, happiness and prosperity,