A Bit About Michael and Metaphysics

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A Little Bit About Michael

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Michael’s Meditations and this blog, Thought Force Audio, are based in metaphysics so I wanted to talk a bit about that and a little bit about me.

About 34 years ago I read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich…a book I credit for changing my life forever.

Think and Grow Rich may be the most popular self help success book of all time.

While most people have probably heard of the book, they may not know that it is based within something called New Thought philosophy which at one time was becoming very popular in America.

The book is a collection of concepts Hill compiled after studying the lives of successful business men during the height of the short-lived New Thought movement which spanned from the late 1800’s to I would say about the late 1920’s.

New Thought philosophy is very powerful and people at the time where not only becoming more empowered but also discovering that their minds played a role in the health and healing of their physical bodies.

As always, the ruling elite would have none of this so like many other technologies that may have led humanity to a brighter future, New Thought was suppressed and it’s teachings limited to ivory league and business schools.

Our lives are an accumulation of the choices we make along the way and while I have made a lot of bad decisions, having had New Thought concepts embedded within my thinking has enabled me to live a very good life.

Around 2004 I watched a movie called What The Bleep Do We Know which for me, married quantum physics with metaphysics which is the foundation of New Thought philosophy.

Now….New Thought philosophy also has roots in the metaphysical teachings of the occult.

Occult simply means “hidden knowledge.”

Many associate the term occult with the devil or something evil and while there are groups who definitely use the knowledge to explore the dark side, occult knowledge is neither good nor bad it just is and can be used for either good or bad.

Practically all of the so-called secret societies that supposedly run the planet practice some form of occultism within their organization.

Occult sciences include in part sacred geometry, numerology, astrology, telepathy and all things energy, frequency and vibration.

Like Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

This is why the occult has been literally demonized by the ruling class.

As always…

What strengthens and enriches me is off limits to thee.

The occult is based within metaphysics which simply means “above the physical.”

The dense physical world manifests from the metaphysical energy world which is the place quantum physics is rooted.

Changes in the metaphysical world precede changes in the physical world.

If you want something or want to change something you do this by programming in the metaphysical.

You do this with your thoughts.

The more force you are able to apply to the programming the faster you will see results.

While seemingly simplistic, this is the foundation of the secret teachings handed down throughout the ages in elite schools and secret societies.

In 2007 I received a degree in metaphysics and became a certified metaphysical practitioner.

I am not a master or guru by any means….I’m simply an inquisitive student who is always learning and practicing what he shares on here.

This is very powerful stuff.

If you discover and then learn to focus your thought energy and apply great force to your most productive thoughts your life can only move forward in a fantastic way!

Remember always do things that strengthen your body, add brilliance to your mind and inspire your soul.

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